What kind of Punjab?

CBFC has advised 89 cuts from the upcoming movie “Udta Punjab”, and if the producers don’t do it, censor board won’t let the movie release. These mentally retarded people from CBFC don’t understand that this whole movie is based on increasing consumption of drugs in Punjab. If they want to cut all the drugs scene and some offensive (in this case some is 89) scenes, then the movie is not going to make any sense. Some people from a particular political party want the name “Punjab” removed from the movie. And they are the same people who haven’t made any effort in removing drugs from Punjab. Even if CBFC approves this movie by removing few scenes from it, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of people in this country, who don’t want this movie to get released. I don’t understand this part that how few people think that taking drugs in not an Indian culture. Man this is happening in India, and if someone is making a serious effort to show what is happening in the country and you are going to stop that person. More than 70% of youth in Punjab is drug addict. On that note, i would like to say that if you want to ban something, ban drugs, ban tobacco products instead of banning Maggi. Last year the government of India banned some 800 sites and disclosed the names of each and every website. The very next day, government lifted the ban and now what. People have more than 800 porn sites to pass their time. You are banning a movie which will show the true colors of the youth of Punjab, and want to ban them. That’s why people make here movies where the star-cast talk about chaach-lassi of Punjab. So, I am totally in support of “Udta Punjab” without any cuts.


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